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Odd Things To Yell For No Apparent Reason

Back in Your General Letter Quarterly Vol. 2 Issue # , I introduced a section called 'Things to yell out with little to no apparent reason'. I don' t know what first spawned in me the desire to yell things out in this manner, but I found that whenever there is a lull in normal conversation one of these Phrases will serve as comic relief. I originally only printed 25 of these things and put them in categories of different types of voices, which were, High Voice, Low Voice, and a Deep Guttural Voice, I later found that none of them need be restricted to any certain type of voice. I will list the first 25 of them first and will be adding more in the future.

Be sure to try some of these out at the Mall, or your local Grocery Store.

WARNING! - The Naptown Nomads absolve themselves of all responsibilities, should the use of these phrases cause you to be incarcerated, or confined to a psychiatric ward of any kind.

Pickle spears!!!

I like Cheeeeze!!!

I want some whiskey!!!

U wanna make a fight or somethin!!!

I'm a bad man,,, I really am!!!

Are you threatinin' me!!!

Jihad holy war!!!

I'll Squash You!!!

I'll get you Bijou!!!

Your Pushin my buntons!!!

Die Puny Mortals!!!

Don't touch that, It's Dirty!!!

Piss off Granny (In Scottish accent)

Well, I've got half a mind!!!

Who's flyin this crazy thing!!!

Well, Ain't this a Pickle!!!

Hear Kitty Kitty!!!


Charlie's in the wire!!!


My Brain Huuuurts!!!

Oh, The Calamity!!!

Come here to Me!!!

Your Not the Boss of me!!!

And the number one thing to Yell out is - - - - - - Achtung! Ich habe eine grosse Schlange!!! - from Brian C.

As I said before those last ones, are only what were published in the GEN-LET, here are a few that we came up with since then.


Throw more water on the beans Ma, Compny's cummin!

Course, I'm a very good driver.

I've got a deviated septum!

I saw something nasty in the wood shed! (a movie via Birg)

Well, I wouldn't do that for a Klondike Bar! (Diddumdaddum)

Did I mention, DIMENTIONS?

Don't touch me there!! (Sunlilly)

Granny's in the cellar, You can even smell her, making wiskey on that darn old dirty stove.

Laugh real loud and yell the name Karen. (like Ray liotta in goodfellas - from randy)

I hanker for a hunk of, a slab or slice or chunk of, I hanker for a hunk of cheese. (timer)

Who's that chasing the wooly burger?

Im beginning to get a little woozy over here!!

Von Cheta Mi Freetcha!!!! (This one from Dallas)

I'm gonna show ya where my toga opens! (From Buster)

If only I knew where were my Panties!!!

I've got Spinal Biffeta!!!

Hey, Is there a movie on this flight.

Did I mention, DIMENTIA?

Chicken pop, chicken pop, chicken pop Piiiieeeee!!!! (randy via 'just shoot me)

Well smack my ass and call me susan.

Well smaaaack myyyyy pussy!!!

Donde estan las mujeres de la noche ( the late Marcus Barret)

Where are the Hookers? (Howler in Las Vegas)

I'm a baaaad putty tat! reeoowr, pht pht pht, reowr!!!

Please direct me to the nearest Hot dog vendor.

M-O-O-N! That spells 'someones gonna get an ass kicken!

I want a shoe with cheese on it, and I wanna massage your grand mother!!! (S. Martin)

Butras, Butras,, (pause) ,, Golly! (From Randy)

Stop Mocking Meeeeee!!!!!!

Allrighty, when do we commence to eat!!!!

I've got Gastrointeritus!!!!!!

SShhhhh!! You'll wake the turtles. (CDTrips)

Call everybody 'Boss' and (speak with a pronounced lisp.)

In - cunnn- cievable (also with a lisp - from the princess bride)

Can you help me? My Doctor says I have to take a laxative. (David Lee Roth)

Quando se acuestras con ninos se acaga amanese!!! (Randy via howlers Dad)

Mooky, look at da size-o-dem!!!

Never stick chickens in your underware. (Steve Martin)

Ok that's about it for now, we hope to be adding more as soon as we can. If you have something you think deserves to be here then by all means let us know and we shall post it, post haste. If you want your friends to see this page please just send the hyperlink through email. thanks


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