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Odd Things To Say During Sex

This piece hales from 'Your General Letter Quarterly' Volume 2 issue # 1. The yelling of things out at odd moments can be a source of fun, or can have disastrous consequences. It is recommended that these things not be used during ones first sexual interlude with their given partner. Use them, both Wisely, and Sparingly, if you use them at all. Even if you do not use them, you can chuckle to your self the next time you have sex.

Warning! The Naptown Nomads absolve themselves from all resposibilities, and will not be held accountable for any altercations, (Lorena Bobbit, wanna rock ya, cuz that's all I wanna do!) which may arise from the use of this material.

Only the first 14 of these were actually published in GEN-LET. These can be said or yelled, you make the call, on that. Please, trust your better judgement. Special thanks to Lane Smythe for his input.

Oops, one of my spurs fell off.

Oh, you gotta be lovin this! (From Tstorm)

Red Line! Red Line! Check your fire!

Top-o-the world, Ma!

Yo Quierro Taco Bell!

I seem to be quite fond of you.

Is there a movie on this flight?

Hey! Is that a bag of Dorito's

Lemme guess, your dog is Mexican leg-hound?

Charlie's in the wire! Charlie's in the wire!

Is that a colostomy bag, or are your thighs getting a little flabby.

Look, Ma - No Hands!

What we have here, is a failure to penetrate.

I kahn buliev is nah butta! (like Fabio)

Here are some we have come up with since these last, were published. Remember these methods are not for everyone, and could result in a lack of sex. Gawd forbid!

Take It! Take It!

Meat! It's what's for dinner! (J. Garner)

M-O-O-N! That spells Orgazm! (Floyd)

Who's your Daddy, Who's your grandma?

Here is a lil' Hooie for your Keester!! (comedian)

Ooowwwww!! Somethin Bit me!! (F. Gump)

Hey, let's go over to someplace where I didn’t just fart! (Squiggly Arconi)

This ain't your fathers Oldsmobile!

Bet your daddy never made you feel like that!

What on earth, is that smell?

So, what time do your parents get home? (Buster)

Break out the cool whip, ya freak!

Wanna here my nose whistle? (HOWLER)

Good heavens Mrs Hathamerica, Your beautiful!!!!!! Science!!!!! (T. Dolby)

Well that's about all we have compiled for you thus far check back later for updates, and if you have a favorite phrase to scream out during sex ('oh, god' is not accepted) By all means send it our way. If we think it's funny we are sure to post it here.

We Have recieved a few more oddities in the past weeks and decided to go ahead and post what we have. Hopefully with your participation this list will grow and grow and grow.

Hold still! The goat never moved ths much!! (LLTC)

Now how much do I owe you? (LLTC)

Luke, I am your Father... and your mother... (LLTC)

HEY! Leave Offa my Naughty bits!!!! (S. Duscondoyle)

Yeah Baby, sing like yoko ono! (Spooge)

Im a baaaad putty tat! reeoowr, pht pht pht, reowr!!!

Nothin but net!!

I wish you wer the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man!! (MZChaos)

Leave the money on the dresser.

Will you meow for me? It will be just like old times. (LLTC)

Oh no! Im being sucked in!! (LLTC)

Im a little teapot, short and stout, here is my handle.... (LuKyLuNaTc)

That noise was just like a fart, Do it again! (S. Arconi)

Call me a cheap sex poodle, Do it!! Do it now!!!

Ladies and Gentleman!!! Elvis has prematurely left the building. (Spooge)

Ain't gonna be no rematch!! (Apollo Creed)

Turn your head and cough. (Squiggluy Arconi)

Who makes ya all sticky!!! Who does it? Wus' My Name!

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