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How To Kill A Spice Girl

We would like to point out that the following material is intended only for comedic purposes. We do not condon the actual stalking and/or killing of a spice girl celebrities in any way shape or form. This material was extracted from actual contributions in our Old Humor Forum/Message Boards section.

Killing Them All At Once

T-storm Glue a scratch-n-sniff to the bottom of the pool and invite them over for a swim.
Shirly Unowme Throw a string of pearls into oncoming traffic and scream, "Those are yours baby, those are yours."
Ida Noe Gag and tie them and force them to watch their movie...death by Spice World.
Jesta Freak Death by BU-FU!!!!!!!
DelBoy Leave them alone in the Maryland woods without food and shelter for a week, and secretly film it. Now, that's a Spice Girl movie I'd pay to watch.
Jesta Freak Pick up Ginger and beat the rest of them to death, with her. Blunt force Trauma is a beautiful thing.
Grogan Make them all listen to their own music, until they die. (that would probably take about 5 minutes for me lol)
Tigra Seperate them for a week and they'll probably die from lack of sex

Individual Hits

Killing Ginger

HOWLER Beat her with the music awards she will never earn.
BarbieDoll Add a pinch of cinnamon, a dusting of NUTmeg, dose it with vanilla, and bake at 360 degrees for one hour, or until talent is evenly distributed. Oh, yeah, I guess you better throw somebody with talent into the mix then. Or, you could just bang' em with an ax.
Jesta Freak Advise her to look into a solo career.

Killing Sporty

Mucky Throw her overboard - all the gold teeth will weigh her down and hopefully she'll drown.
Jesta Freak Put her in a round room and tell her to pee in a corner.

Killing Posh

Mucky Force her to leave the house without any makeup on - poor lamb will die of shame.

Killing Baby

Terry ust give her a realy hard math question to figure out. Maybe something like....2+2=
This should do the trick.
Lex suspend her by the pig tails.
Sofak8er Insert prosthetic device down throat 'til done.
Tigra Play her a Metallica CD. That should do it for her.

The 'How to Kill a Spice Girl' piece is taken from a section in our Humor Forum, If you have an interesting Idea on this subject feel free to go and leave your mark in our Message Boards. Isn't there one more of these foul harlots that needs a quick extermination?

Here are a few Spice girl jokes from the Bob & Tom mornin radio show. I believe credit goes to regular guest Mark Patrick, though I am not sure.

    · Whats the dif. twixt a porno and the spice girls movie? The porno has a better soundtrack.
    · Whats the dif twixt a dysenteric spice girl and an epileptic corn farmer? The farmer shucks betwixt 

    · Why did god give spice girls 2% more brains than horses? Because, he didn't want them pinching a loaf

       in the streets during a parade.
    · Why do s.g.'s get confused in the bathroom? There not used to taking their panties down by

    · Why do spice girls where big hoop earrings? They need someplace to rest their ankles.

If you are the Proud owner of a Spice girl Joke Feel free to Send it in. We are almost sure to post it here for you. Until next time, See Ya In The Funny Papers.

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