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The following is a true story printed in The General Letter Quarterly.

I will not mention any names in this, for to do so might earn me yet another bullet in the brain-pan. I will start by saying I have a friend who thinks it is fun to 'drop the kids off at the pool' (poop!) in other peoples bathrooms whenever he gets the chance. Well, another friend was visiting the first and decided he would take this opportunity to pay the first friend back. He undid his belt to remove his holster and headed off to empty his bowels. He told me how he cackled as he began to fowl the first friends bathroom, knowing that when he was done he would flush, but not spray any air freshener, and he would shut the door so the smell wouldn't dissipate to quickly. Oh but his stomach hurt with the laughter of this plan.
Upon finishing the fowl deed, he did the required paper work and stood to replace his trousers. That is when he discovered that a length of his belt had been lying in the bowl throughout the entire gruesome deed.
He explained he was surprised that no one in the house took notice of him cursing the day the first friend was born, for the length of time it took him to wash his belt. I don't believe the first friend knows this event ever took place. Butt, He knows now, don't He?

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