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 Bad Chat Room Pick Up lines ©
by HOWLER (mostly)

Long before Myspace, FaceBoook or Google Plus there used to be this thing called chatrooms. It was where the whole social thing began on the internet. While hanging out in chat rooms I began to notice the sad pick up lines guys use when the enter, such as the very creative, male thirty, seeks woman for private chat. I thought could there possibly be an even less enticing pick up line. So I created these beauties. They also could be used in your local singles Ad columns. Try them out! 

These lines sometimes inspire other chatters to invent their own, so I have included those to this page, giving credit when I remember to get the name of the chatter.

Bad Chat Room Pick Up Lines

* Humorous male seeks depressing unfulfilled woman for free uplifting conversation.
* Bewildered Male seeks little Man in the boat.
* Lonely male will trade dinner and a movie for sexual favors.
* If your tired of men who cater to your every need, whisper me and I will ignore you.
* Man with large thumb seeks woman with clitoris.
* Confused male seeks G-spot.

* Male who is bad at flirting looking for a woman that's way outta my league.
* Man with one leg looking for woman I can lean on.
* Man with right clubbed foot seeks woman with left club foot, who likes to dance.
* Averagely endowed male seeks woman who appreciates the little things in life.
* Man from third world country seeks woman of fame and fortune.....will settle for woman with a sammich. and a cold beer...cold beer is optional. will settle for warm water in a pinch..
* Male with missing thumb seeks woman who dont like to hold hands.
* Man with large testes seeks woman with none.
* Male seeking woman who accepts collect calls from a correctional facility. And doesn't mind me passing her number on to 1200 sex starved inmates. -- Random Chat Dude
* Ordinary male seeks supermodel who will subject herself to pity sex.
* Man with no legs seeks woman who can support him.
* Mildly amusing male seeks average looking woman for a depressing conversation, wisper me.
* Man with acne seeks woman with a loofa sponge,,, Some Oxy 10 wouldn't hurt her case any, either.
* Man with small amount of charm seeks woman with less.
* Man with hairlip seeks woman with mustache.
* 5 foot male seeks 5'11 woman who owns a step ladder.
* Man with pierced genitalia seeks woman with magnetic personality.
* Acned male seeks woman who reads Braille. -- Random Chat Dude
* If your female and looking to have a guy fall asleep before you climax, give me a wisper.
* Semi abusive male looking for a woman with low self esteem.
* Man with small penis seeks woman who won't know the difference. Or will pretend she doesn't.
* Near sited male seeks woman with small breasts.
* What's up ladies, are you ready for a guy that will steal your money, and fondle your little sister.
* Male with a bag of cookies seeks woman with glass-o-milk.
* Man with elephantitus of the nuts seeks woman with oven mitts.
* Bucktoothed male seeks woman with a serious underbite.
* Guy with bad groin rash seeks woman with an unguent of some sort. A salve even.
* Recently divorced male seeks woman who can cook and clean, not at the same time.
* I'm 23 male and live in my parents basement, whisper me.
* Kentucky male seeks sister.
* Male with large nose seeks woman with no nose.
* Introverted male seeks woman who won't laugh at a naked man.
* Man with big wood, searching for beaver.
* Swinging male seeks like minded female with a prescription for penicillin.
* The couple that swings together, stings together.

Them is what is all from us.

Submitted By Others

* Man who loves fishing looking for woman with boat, send pic of boat. -- Random Chat Dude
* Semi sedistic male seeks woman with a high pain threshold. -- Dick Nixon Q95
* Premature ejaculator looking for a girl with short attention span. -- KellieZ
* Hot male looking for a woman who won't mind if I do a little grab ass at the salad bar, if ya get my meanin. -- MzChaos
* Generous American Businessman seeks third-world hottee for fun, frolic, and Green Card. -- Random Chat Dude
* 40 yr old short man who lives in parents basement in search of young thin attractive lady who owns a topless bar who will force me to stay home and watch TV all day -- Random Chat Person
* Man with wooden leg in search of woman who passed wood shop -- Random Chat Person
* Tank topped man with a mullet seeking non-lesbian mulletted female who knows how to change the spark plugs in '69 Camarro. -- Random Chat Person
* I need to get something out of this relationship other than sore fingers -- Random Chat Person
* Virginia cousin seeks father figure -- Random Chat Person
* I'm capt'n crook and i wants my booty -- Random Chat Person
* Paranoid man seeks woman he can call... but NEVER call me, EVER! -- Random Chat Person
* Man with wooden leg lookin for a woman with teeth like a beaver -- Greg 29
* Man with no patience in search of women with no attitude -- Saint

Submitted by bro In-law Powerful Tern

* A/S/L ( By Far, the dumbest of them all )
* Lady with carrot seeks bugs bunny look-a-like. -- Random Chat Chick
* Lady with baby powder seeks man with rash. -- Random Chat Chick
* Woman with large breasts seeks man with small breasts. -- Random Chat Chick
* Woman with partial Mastectomy seeks one armed man, preferably the right arm. -- Howler

These next few were submitted by humorcafe friend and fan Diego Frenzy. 

* Older biker seeks fresh young slut who doesn't need drugs or beer.
* Man with Porsche seeks sexy gold digger, gymnast a plus.
* Drunk with ten-dollar bill looking for bus station skank who settle for small change or pack of cigarettes.
* Lonely webmaster seeks nymphomaniac with own IP address and digital camera.
* Mental hospital escapee seeks neurotic woman with fear of commitment.
* Yoga master seeks chubby tap dancer for soothing back massage.
* Cuban refugee seeks vixen with first-world navigational skills.
* Obese man seeks saucy gourmet cook who doesn't mind a good pancake.
* Canadian farmer seeks woman who doesn't mind acting sheepish.
* Bruce Lee fan seeks Chinese girl for a 'me love you long time' experience.
* City developer seeks woman with nice arches for long walks.
* Rapper seeks a hoe without annoying dreadlocks or police record.
* Beach bum seeks nice warm girl named Sandi.

That's all we have for you so far. Hope some of these lines help you in your endeavors to score some seedy cyber sex. Thanks for stopping...BYE!


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