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The Benefits Of Passing Gas, Farting, and / or Exuberant Flatulance.

Squigly Arconi Maintains that the expulsion of bodily gases can be a very useful tool to extract oneself from any given uncomfortable situation. Here r some examples:

    *When u find yourself short of cab fare.

    *On that bad blind date. We've all been there.

    *For those pesky nieces and nephews.

    *To hide the smell of refer from traffic cops, or to make them not want to detain you to long.

    *For that frisky cell mate. We've all been there.

    *When He/She says, "I love you".

    *As a diversion when you've used anothers name in bed.

    *For that tip anxious Bellhop.

     *When that frisky Doctor asks u to shed 'em and spred 'em - that cad! Once again we've all been there.

Squigly  suggests a strict diet of Bologna/Cotto Salami Samiches with Kraft singles on Rye, and Cool Ranch Dorito's on the side. Wash it all down with a nice warm Old Milwaukee Beer. Have fun kids!

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