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Funny Band Name Page
by the Naptown Nomads

One day our man Iceman came to us with a tale of Letterman. He explained that Letterman was showing how today's bands got there names. He brandished a pair of dice, with a word written on every side, he rolled them. The two words were Stomach Monkeys, and there you have a band name. We were all in agreement that Stomach Monkeys was a beautiful name for a band. Before long we were all calling out names to bands that did not exist and as some of them were kinda funny we decided to write them all down. We now bring you this list in hopes it will amuse you as it amused us. These are the 21 finalists which were printed in the General Letter Quarterly, issue # 11.

Lance-n-the Boils
G'tatta M'dautta
Epiglottal Throttle
Oh God Greg
Crambone and the Courtin Frogs
Get Outta Bob Doles Yard
Clam Bordeaux
Dirty Gerbil
Headcheese and D'brie
Hauling Oats
Pappy Schmear
Bob Doles Pen
Mutt Bunkeys
The Vasco D'gammas
The D'gamma Mammas
The Teste Sax
Six Eyed Fly wit'da Stinky Feet
Chapped Ass
Guns and Roses

We of course realize that the last two names are already taken but we figure, They're not really using them now are they! Anyway, since that last list was published we have added to it, and we decided to devote a web page to the growing list. Please feel free help us in our endeavor, and submit as much as you like. We won't post everything, but we will post most things. Some of these names, through no fault of our own, are actually pretty cool, however we will sue, the lacey panties off of, anyone who tries to start a band with the names we have come up with. Now scroll down and see the list.

Below is a group of Funny Band Names suggestions that either didn't make the cut for the General Letter or were submitted well after publication. There are some choice gems among this group as well.

Oingo Boing Boing Boingo
Crotch Rot
Gerbil Junkies
Ask Andy (Ass Candy)
The Naptown Nomads
The Puny Mortals
Thermal Epidermal
Cosmic Bunyon
Crack Pipe Surprize
Tranzendental Denture
Dude Orotomy
Heywood Jabloemi
Justin Time
Churning Choad
Eggie Weggies
Stinky Finger
The Probing Priests
Napple Napple
Humping Pumpkins
The Jihad Holywar
Spinal Biffeta
Myopic Swirl
Mindja Bidness
Inher Action
McHauling Kaulkin
Heavy Flo and the Clots Toppers
First Period
The Jiz Moppers
The Electronic Third Rail
Cheese Factory
Buttcrack Cruisers
Tight Jeans & Knecksweat
Do, Dat, & Die
Splucka Splucka Splash
Road Kill
Buck Toothidley
The Sweater Pups
Crisco Kids
Beau Vine
Beaver Deciever

Since we started this thing we have had some submissions from the public. So here is the list of band names that have most recently been sent to us or more recently thought of then the list above.

Pleasure Port (HOWLER)
Gods Like Us (MzChaos)
Gastero (Chip G.)
FunkMaster Fly & the Frivalous Four ( Mike Tressler)
AssTastic (HOWLER)
Ferklempt (Chip G.)
Chizel Dick (Randall Wolf)
Flanked by Heffers (Chip G.)
The Adjective Nouns (Chip G.)
Romeo's Bone (HOWLER)
Rabid Karma (Lady V)
Butt Whisper (CDTrips)
Perfecting The 'O' (HOWLER)
Big Dirt (Draken)
Simon Semen and the Cum Lumps (Lady V)

Booger Knows (MzChaos)
My Ass, Mein Lieben (R. Wolf)
Jesus Crow (Chip G.)
Ass Wenzday (R. Wolf)
The Animated Gif's (Chip G.)
Ma Hotma Candy (Lady V)
Roseanne Marley & the Whalers (Mike Tressler)
The Adverb Adjective (Chip G.)
Kuff in the Karot (Dan McKelvey)
Kissing The Pink (Lady V)
Butt Breeze (CDTrips)
Popcorn & Polyester (HOWLER)
Hermione's Verginey (Squiggly Arconi)
Lords of Awesome (Draken)
Eddie's Piss Complex (HOWLER)
Trip Switch  (Lady V)

Bone Drone (HOWLER)
Parastalsis (Chip Gatzert)
Jack Kavorkian (Chip G.)
The Anal Polyp Mines (R. Wolf)
Pain to Drain (HOWLER)
Brains to Bay (Chip G.)
Throbbing Heaters ( M. Tressler)
The (add adj.)(add noun)'s (Chip G.)
Silicon Simps (Squiggly Arconi)
Ass Blast & Blue Flame (Buster)
Towed Fools  (Lady V)
The Jesus Whistle (R.Wolf)
Hot the Moople (HOWLER)
Pwned and Disowned (HOWLER)
Bad Ninja (Lady V)
Spacial Facial (HOWLER)

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