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Common E-mail Hoaxes

The following is a list of some of the more popular internet hoaxes, Urban Legends, Rumors, and Junk, that are being widely circulated through Your E-mail. Please familiarize yourself with these lies and see to it that you do not fall prey to this garbage. 

If you are looking for a particular hoax that you might have received you might try using your Browsers find function. Try hitting the control button and the 'F' key, and type in key words of the Hoax. Or pick the edit menu and choose find on this page, for Internet Explorer users.

We at Oddballz Ink. Unlimited feel that the more people who read this page, the sooner these emails will get to someone's trash can and out of cyber traffic. 
Please send this link to everyone you know  in order to help stop this misuse of the internet. Thanks for your help.  (
Please, do not copy and send, or send page by email, as that is just more wasted bandwidth.) Thanx.

<=> Real Virus's will be marked {Virus} and titles will be preceded and followed by these indicators " *** ".
<=> Some of these are Hoaxes, deliberately written to mislead the public at large.
<=> Some are Rumors, easily mistaken for possible truths, but are commonly felonious.
<=> Some are called Urban Legends, pieces that give you just enough info to exude credibility but are in fact false.
<=> Almost all of these are Junk. Trash that pollutes the internet that all of us love to use.

Halloween Mall Scare
For the full REAL story please check here. {Hoax}

Two Way Mirrors In Dressing rooms
This little internet Gem gives you instructions on how to tell if the mirror in the dressing room is hiding a peeping Tom. I am sure it will have a slew of morons practicing the quick and simple test in department stores around the world. As for me I kinda like the idea that some one could be watching, as a matter of fact I enjoy thinking that there is. So I ain't just wagglin my willy at sheet of reflective glass.  {Junk}

The All Seeing Eye Virus
Wow!!! This one allegedly comes with a subject line 'We Are Watching You'. I didn't do research on this one for the simple fact that it was written exactly like the Kali Virus (below). It claims someone found away to hack Norton Utilities to using the reformat function to erase your hard drive. THANK GOD I DON"T HAVE A VIRUS SCAN PROGRAM, I could be in trouble!!!!  {Hoax}

Money From The Net - E-mail Tracking
And here we go again. The latest in the email tracking, forward and receive big bucks crap. $413 for everyone you send to and $139 for whoever they send it to. What moron came up with these numbers. I could see a radio promotion using station frequency, but what idiot could believe this. Only Bill Gates could afford this and believe you me, Bill has got other plans for his money.  {Hoax}

"Lets Watch TV" The KALI Virus
Yet another Virus claiming to be worse than Melissa. Remember how Quickly word spread about Melissa, there is your first clue. Jesus God! I'm not even gonna turn my puter on anymore, cuz I'm affeared somethin might happen to it. Lord give me strength, afor I kill someone.  {Hoax}

Virus Alert; An Internet Flower For You
These amuse me, because they remind me of the redneck Virus. Um, we are to stupid to write our own virus so we will just make one up and send out a mass warning to scare folks. It is felonious information and should be crapped canned no sooner than it is received.  {Hoax}

Columbia House Email Giveaway
Let me reiterate! This one states that you will get ten free CD's by writing to Cyber promotions and more if you email it to a friend. I submit to you that it is a falsehood. Your first clue is that the man in charge is named Richard Douche, or Dick as his friends know him. DICK DOUCHE! Get it? It is a clever ruse thought up by some cheese eating high school boy. I man by that name would never be allowed to sign his name to company emails, for chrissakes! It Just wouldn't happen, I tell ya!  {Hoax}

HIV Tainted Needles At The Gas Pump
Oh your going to participate in this years GAS OUT Movement (remember that fiasco), one way or ta other. Captain Abraham Sand (fictitious character) advises you to be on the look out for hypodermic needles ready to prick you when you grab the pump handle. Yet another attempt to scare you.  {Hoax}

Sodium Laureth Sulfate; Carcinogen Found In Many Hygiene Items
Supposedly this chemical is widely used for its foaming ability in Shampoos, and toothpaste and such. These ones always kinda scare me given my tendency toward conspiracy theories. The actual chemical used here is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Here are two links to read about SLS Report. Now I am dyslexic but they appear to have conflicting information. Safety Alerts and The conflict inspires my conspiracy theory mentality anew. Governmental Approval doesn't mean something is good for you. I figure if you care about your body then you do your shopping at the health food stores anyway. Most of us Don't!  {Rumor}

How to save points on your license from Traffic Tickets
This one claims that if you send in one dollar over the fine and never cash the one dollar refund check then the police system cannot close your case thereby, never actually puts points on your license. I don't know if this is true or false but rest assured I will try it upon my next traffic infraction.  {Rumor}

Mall Parking Lot Knock Out Perfume
Another stupid e-mail designed to instill fear in old woman. Two people pull up in a car trying to sell perfume in a mall parking lot. They offer a wiff. Um, no I don't buy perfume that often, but I get mine from those prissy nags that  spray you as you walk by. The perfume is alleged to be a knock out drug and the unwitty victim is either robbed, raped, kidnapped or all of the above. This one has many variations in circulation All of which are fake. Alot take place at wal-mart, what up wit dat!  {Hoax}

Flat Tire at the Savannah Mall, and Shady do Gooder
A woman notices a flat tire and while she changes it a man offers to help. He puts his briefcase in the trunk and changes the tire then asks her to give him a ride to his car. She says she has to go buy something and she will be right back. When she returns wit da Police, he is gone. The suitcase supposedly had kidnappin materials inside. Scaaaarrrryyyy! But there is no truth to it according to Savannah mall security and Savannah PD. This one took off across the country inspiring many copycats. But NO!  {Hoax}

Old Navy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap; Money give away
I don't know how many times I have to say it. Nothing in this world is free. Especially money! Who in their mind would really offer to give someone a 25$ gift certificate for very 10 people I send an e-mail to. I mean I have a good50 people in my address book, let alone all the people on, my joke review mailing list. Just use some common sense. I know your saying well it can't hurt to send it, but damn. the gap and old navy are competitors, why would they work together? Don't ever believe it.  {Hoax}

Heroin Needle In McDonalds Ball Pit
Dear god this one is a tear jerker. Little Kevin Archer got stuck by a heroin needle in the kids play pit. Man this one wreaks of crap. Anyway it is yet another of many fake stories designed to goof you the innocent email recipient into e-mailing it to all your friends. Who ever wrote this needs a sound ass kicken.  {Hoax}

The Dreaded Klingerman Virus
For the love of god, don't open your mail box. You can smell the crap on this one as soon as you download it. It claims 23 people have been hit 7 died. You supposedly get a virus tainted sponge in in an envelope in the mail. What moron would send this one on. Don't you think if it killed someone you might have heard about it on the news. I'm sharpening my pencils for the neck of whoever next sends me this email.   {Hoax}

4 Free cases of Coca-Cola
Here is yet another bogus letter claiming to give you something for nothing. How is it that people still fall for this malarkey. Send this email to all your friends blah blah blah, if I could find out who started this I'd jam a pencil in his neck! He'd be sorry then I tell you. My friend, Lady Di, wrote the Coca-Cola Co. and let them know of this garbage, they said they knew and that it is in deed CRAP!   {Hoax}

Area Code "809" Phone Scam
This one is Real. It claims not to respond when someone tells you to claim a prize  by dialing 1-809- blah blah blah. That, that area code is in the British virgin islands. I checked and 809 Is the area code for the islands and round about Haiti. 4 years ago I fell victim to some stupid contest and had an 80 dollar charge on my bill. I didn't pay it neither should you. Just tell the phone company you were scammed and aren't going to pay it.  {REAL}

KDIA Radio Station Reports Bank of America ATM Envelope Poisonings
This little fear builder claims a woman died after having licked a deposit envelope tainted with some crap. Believe you me if something like this ever happened you would hear it on the news or in the paper before you heard it from an e-mail. The news loves Crap like this. {Hoax}

Free Nokia Phone
Hmmm, I wonder if Nokia's competitors are starting these things. Yet another forward this email for free stuff. Plain and simply, refer the to age old adage, "You can't get something' for nothing" {Hoax}

Beware of SpunkBall
Supposedly gangs of kids are driving around amusing themselves by throwing a gasoline soaked rag wrapped in foil into cars with open windows. A lit firecracker is attached to ignite the little flame bomb. It warns to keep your windows up. What a bunch of crap. Hey, why don't ya just never leave the house after all your safe there aren't ya? Unless a runaway crack smoking elephant stampedes on the third Tuesday of the week, bypasses your security system and eats all your spam. Read more about it at {Hoax}

The 'GAS OUT' Movement (New Gas out set for March 24th thru 26th) This chain letter claimed that if we all didn't by gas on one set day it would hurt the Oil companies and possibly lower the price of gas. It instructed you to buy gas the day before or the day after. I thought to myself what would the Oil companies care on which day you bought your gas - they still got your money when it's all said and done.  Someone sent me a letter saying that it worked the first time, and hell it won't hurt me to not buy gas for three days. {Rumor/Junk/Political Movement}

Virus Pretty Parks, it's Real
Another self forwarding email virus. This one is along the lines of the old Happy99.worm virus the hitch here is that not only does it send itself to people in your address book, but this one periodically connects itself to certain MIRC chat rooms and transmits, data from your computer. Passwords and the like. If you get it, don't panic, just don't open it, Delete It.  Though I hate "about dot com" they were the only place I could find data on this virus, so read about it at this link, then just close the window and don't surf their site. Woo hoo, threaten me with legal action, and I hold a grudge. (add maniacal laughter) {Virus}

McDonalds vs. Taco Bell
Yet another stupid email that claims if you send it you will see a little video. Oddly, there isn't an attachment on this one either. Boy, one would think that someone would get real creative and attach some manner of virus to one of these. I figure if your hard drive crashed because you sent one of these to your friends, you probably shouldn't have had a computer anyway. {Hoax}

George W. Bush's Racial Covenant House Sale
All though technically correct This email claims that Young Bush sold his house knowing that he had a racial restrictions on the sale. The e-mail also kinda implies that Young Bush is a racist. I can't say one way or another (No Sir, Not Going To Do It!), but I will direct you to a website that talks more about it. Click Here For More Info The writer of this e-mail seemed to be semi-fanatical, I yawned. {Rumor}

Flesh Eating Bacteria (Costa Rican Banana)
Run away from the Necrotising Fasciitis!!! This beautifully written piece of drivel claims that Costa Rican bananas are infected with a virus that has decimated (a word that means reduced by ten percent) the monkey population. Now these Bananas are Lurking round your local grocers produce section. It was a good read, hope they get Dustin Hoffman for the movie. Don't you believe it. {Hoax}

Kentucky Fried genetically mutated Chicken like substance
Let's not be ridiculous! Do we actually believe that there are giant laboratories housing beakless, featherless intravenously fed chicken blobs. This one said the government made Kentucky Fried Chicken quit using the word chicken in reference to the meat they sell, due to its genetic alterations. Somebody needs kicked in the crotch over this one. {Hoax}

X-mas Virus, 'Lump of Coal'
This panic raiser I just received, claims it will arrive on x-mas day, and if you open it, it will cause your basic mayhem. It claims to have been reported on CBS news, however I find no mention of it on the CBS website. I hear it has been around a long time but it is my first time with this one. I'm like Chuck D, who says, "Don't believe the HYPE!" {Hoax}

*** W32.Mypics.Worm, Y2K Virus ***
Here we have another really for real virus, so be on the look out. It comes as an attachment sometimes labeled mypics.exe. When it has been run, it looks as if it tried to open but failed, but actually it has planted itself in your hard drive. Here is a link to a more detailed description of the Virus. Please do not copy that page and send it to people. Send the link and let them go see it for themselves. {Virus}

Bath & Body Works Offer
Yet another stupid E-mail tracking thingy. This one is more believable in that it only claims to offer one 50 dollar gift certificate in exchange for forwarding the email on to your friends. Here is a clue. Their is no way an email can track itself with out a program attached to it. If it has no attachment it is a hoax, if it does have one, It still could be a hoax. Do not open the attachment, that could be a virus. {Hoax}

Microsoft / AOL Frwd for Money
Um, this one claims that Microsoft will, in conjunction with AOL, ( Two companies in direct competition, HELLO!) These companies supposedly will give you $245 dollars for everyone you forward the email two. and $243 for everyone they send it to and $241 for everyone they send it to. Once again the email tracking thing is mentioned. I ask you to think about how vast an amount of money that is, then remember that you live in reality. {Hoax}

Want A New Car From Honda
Ya know, (heavy sigh - brief pause) I'm sorry. If you read this e-mail and passed it on then you  probably shouldn't be on the internet. This e-mail claims that if you, real quick like, send it to everyone you know then someone from Honda Motors will show up on your doorstep with the keys to your brand new car. Whoever fell for this one needs to breathe much deeper so the Oxygen can reach the brain. There is no e-mail tracking Program. {Hoax}

Sandman's Website Hoax
Now come on people use a little bit of logic with this one. This one warns of an impending email message from some dude called sandman, for you to check out his site. The site is supposed to be booby trapped (I said booby), and if you go there all manner of horrible things will happen. Now the logic comes into it, when it gives the address of the site at Geocities. Don't you think someone might have told Geocities that this thing was out there and don't you think Geocities would remove it. But since the link was there and you wouldn't have the courage to press it, you are encouraged to forward the warning. 

Just got this one which claims that the Celcom Screen Saver will totally ruin your hard drive. The warning discusses the Nokia phone pictured on the screensaver and makes mention of not being able to boot up computer. It is a revised version of a warning that has been around since 1998. {Hoax}

Marshall Law Signs Being Transported
This one speaks of someone's Brothers Cousins Husband Drives a truck unbeknownst to him was full of signs that said 'This city is under Marshall Law'. I did a little research on it and found the home page of the guy who wrote it, He emailed me saying that  he has yet to talk to the truck driver. I perused the site and found a lot of conspiracy theory stuff ,  (Look for the home button) which all may or may not be true. With Y2k looming why shouldn't the government take precautions. Whether it's true or not it doesn't belong circulating in E-mails, through our world wide web, it belongs on a page somewhere. Oddly enough I didn't find this E-mail among his stuff. {Rumor}

E-mail Surcharge
This Letter claims that there is a bill before the Senate that will charge 'we the good people' of this nation a $.05 fee for every e-mail. A little search took me to the Washingtonian homepage which, the Warning claimed, had published an article on the subject. I found this page concerning the bogus warning.  {Hoax}

Oh this little beauty is bound to set morons in a panic. It claims a South American spider is lurking under toilet seats everywhere. The give away on this one is the scientific name of the spider, the 'arachnius gluteus', or ass spider. Ya think someone could think up a better name like 'arachnis toiletto rimo'. Like all of these moronic pieces of email the writer uses official sounding sources, that don't exist. To read more go to  {Hoax}

*** Happy99.exe Worm Virus ***
Holy cow a really for real virus. This one is sent as an E-mail or Newsgroup attachment. The Executable file contains a subroutine that e-mails itself to people in your address book, much like the famed Melissa Virus. It only can affect you if you run the executable. So don't do it. Here is a link to a sight that can help you if you are affected/afflicted, it will even tell you how to check if you have been infected.  {Virus}

The or Virus Warning
This blatant lie claims that if it is downloaded it will wipe out your entire harddrive and give your passwords to the sender. If they wiped your hard drive clean, then what good are your passwords. Supposedly some friend of a friend of so and so opened the file and crashed there computer. Sounds like an urban legend don't it. Don't believe it. {Hoax}

There are many E-Mail tracking program E-mails
Many of which promise some sort of benefit to you for sending it on to your friends. A lot of them will use the Microsoft Name to attempt to mislead you. I wrote Microsoft about the one I received that promised a trip to Disney World. They told me to throw it away. You should too. {Hoax}

The Dreaded Wobbler Virus
I recently received a warning on this one which was reputed to be worse than the Melissa virus. It is called CALIFORNIA when received. It is supposed to use Norton Utilities somehow to reformat your Computer. I checked with Norton Utilities and found out it is untrue. Don't believe it. {Hoax}

The Pay Phone with LSD/Strychnine
Who knows how this got started. It was designed to scare you into mailing it out, claiming that kids were smearing LSD laced with strychnine on pay phones. You may not know this but most street grade LSD has Strychnine in it as a main ingredient. Believe that it could happen if you want, but don't get hysterical about it. {Rumor}

Prehistoric Barbie
Supposedly written in response from someone at the Smithsonian. A woman finds something in her back yard and believes it to be some archeological find and it turns out to be a Barbie doll part. Or something vaguely like that. This one just sounded to stupid to be true. {Hoax}

Kidney Thieve Email Strikes Again
Remember this old tale. About how someone (my Sisters, Boyfriend's, Moms, paperboy new a guy who's cousin said....) was drugged and when they woke up they found a note saying that their kidney had been removed. There was an X-file episode loosely based on this one. Yet again, this is a story for subscribers to the Enquirer, not for E-mail. {Urban Legend}

The Conspiracy that the VCR held the Y2K Solution
Is it True? Probably not, Most likely just another ploy that looks really important in hopes to trick you into passing it on. {Rumor}

Cookie Recipe for Neiman Marcus
This well written piece of literature inspired many to send it on without regard to, um, thought, I guess. Man charges a recipe thinking he was paying $2.50 but instead paid $250.00. When the company refused to refund his money he vindictively sent the recipe out so everyone could have it. {Urban Legend}

HIV Ridden Syringe Incidents/Mishaps
This was just some story about some unknown person having been accidentally pricked by a tainted needle. I can't even think why someone would be inspired to pass this on.  {Urban Legend}

The ICQ 'Kick-Off' Panic
"You better send this to everyone you know or you will be kicked off" Sound familiar? It's false. There are many variations on this one (all false) giving one reason or another. There was also one that said if this didn't get forwarded to so many people in some amount of time then ICQ was going to start charging $ 0.05 per message. Also False. {Hoax}

Shampoo Ingredient Causes Cancer
This chain letter claims that a common ingredient found in some brand-name shampoos is carcinogenic. If you are concerned about this, I again advise you to do research, before freaking out and sending emails. {Rumor}

Free GAP Clothes

This absurd HOAX stated that you would be given 20 or so Hawaiian type out fits, or some such nonsense, for sending it on. Who in there right mind would want twenty Hawaiian outfits.  Don't be fooled. Addendum - Now some moron has rewritten the gap thingy to suggest that you get $20 for everyone you send it to and $10 for everyone they send it too. Well it's a bunch of Malarkey! {Hoax}

No Urban Dictate or NUD for short
Do some corporations use racist criteria in their advertising decisions? Probably, but I don't see how sending this trash around is going to help unless people actually boycott a place. {Rumor}

Conman scare with Y2K Bank Scam
This stated that a man called an elder woman saying he was from her bank and they were reworking their computers to fix the Y2K problem and he needed her pin number to fix her account. She gave it to him. If thats true then who cares. What a sucker. Why in the world would someone be so gullible. They probably prefer a turtleneck over a henweigh. What's a henweigh, you ask? About 5 to 7 pounds! {Rumor}

Chain Letter that plays a Video Clip
Send this to eleven people and the coolest video will pop up. For Pete's sake people! Emails cant play videos, there has to be an attachment and you have to actively play it. If you fell for this one you probably shouldn't be using email. {Hoax}

The newest version of the one previously mentioned. Same rules apply. {Hoax}

Feminine Hyjinx
There are a couple of versions of an e-mail stating that some tampons are made using some manner of asbestos. I do not use tampons so it wouldn't affect me anyway. If you use them I advise you  to research this one yourself before forwarding something of which you have no proof. I have no knowledge that this has been disproved. {Rumor}

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards Virus
This one falsely claimed that the BLUE MOUNTAIN greeting cards being sent, actually contained a virus. You can believe this one if you want, and if you want to send Virtual Cards  then you should check out the Oddballz Ink. Unlimited Virtual Card Shop, It is so far reportedly Virus Free. {Hoax}

A Missing Child Alert for Krystava Patients Schmidt
Just like the earlier abduction, this one has long since been resolved. Don't panic the lil girl is alive and well. {Junk}

Dying Child Chain Letter
Asks for your help to save this dying child from some terminal illness or another. I got one that said billionaire was going to donate $0.50 for every person that received this email. Another email tracker thing. I thought to myself if my child was dying and some billionaire offered a deal like this, I'd have to sharpen my axe.  Evidently there is one that uses the Dave Matthew's Band to convince you of its validity. Wrong again. {Hoax}

The Guinness Record Book Chain Letter
Send this one and get your name (along with millions of others) In a Guinness book. I ask you how big a book would Guinness have to print to list the names of all the vain people who fell for this one. This might actually be a good plan for Guinness because they could print this huge book and sell it to everyone that wanted to see their name in print. {Hoax}

Email Tracking Giveaway by Walt Disney Jr.
This Chain letter Hoax is sure to fill you with excitement. It states that you can win a large sum of money or a free trip to Disney World just for sending it to all your friends. When I got this one it was backed by the Bill gates email tracking hoax, saying Old Bill and Walt, in a combined effort, were going to foot the bill. I am surprised they didn't use the name Oscar Mayer to sell this one as it wreaks of bologna.  {Hoax}

Petition for Afghan Women's Rights
This petition asked you to sign to in an effort to stop the brutalities against women in Afghanistan. I actually received this one and signed it and passed it on. Who knows if it did any good. I believe there was one also for women in one of the Arabic nations as well. You can do what you like with these ones, and just hope that they weren't the product of some moron trying to waste people's time. I hope they are sincere efforts to build a better world. {Junk}

Killer Sponges by Procter & Gamble
This one claims that the Proctor & Gamble pot scrubbers contain some manner of toxic chemical. Many household products contain toxic chemicals. If this is true I would bet it is no more toxic than Bleach. If you don't believe me go suck on an SOS pad and see what happens to you. Um, that was a joke, I don't want to hear from anyone's Lawyer. {Hoax}

Internet Access at Long Distance Rates?
Here's one that keeps showing up in one form or another. Some rubbish about the U.S. government trying to make us pay long distance rates for Internet access. One of these ones actually takes you to a website where you can find out who your local Congress person is, so you can send them E-mail. My Congress woman assured me that the particular bill mentioned in the e-mail, does not exist. {Rumor}

Pay Phone Coin Slots scare with Hypodermic Needles
Beware the dreaded coin return slot. Drug addicts, they claim, are targeting unsuspecting payphone users, by hiding aids infected Hypodermic needles in coin return slots. Some old lady read about this in the Enquirer and decided she better send out an email to warn her Bridge club. There is also some manner of update on alleged copycat incidents in Virginia. If you are scared you could fall prey to this one I suggest you never leave your house. It's a bad bad world out there. {Urban Legend}

Random Aids Sneak Attacks
Boy oh Boy this aids thing really has people jumpy. Another scare story states that randomly chosen victims are being injected with the AIDS virus. The one I received said something about someone getting poked with something and then a note was forced into there hand. Of course they couldn't see who handed them the note. A friend reported that they got the same story but it took place in a nightclub. The note said, "Welcome to the world of Aids!"  {Urban Legend}

'Guts to Say Jesus' Virus Alert
A rewrite of the old "Good Times" virus hoax. Complete and utter nonsense.  {Hoax}

The Jessica Mydek Chain Letter
This one claims that the American Cancer Society will contribute money to research in the name of Jessica Mydek, a seven-year-old girl dying of cancer, every time this e-mail is forwarded. This little girl, however, does not exist. Why would the American Cancer Society ever resort to some cheap ass stunt like this? (Also see the many Mydec copycats: David Lawitts, Tamara Martin, Rick Connor, David Bucklew, and Timothy Flyte.) {Hoax}

The Free Stock Chain Letter
This one had something to do with I have heard this one was a legitimate venture, at one point in time, however it is long since over with. For some reason it is still traveling the highways and byways of the internet. {Junk}

Nutrasweet Aspartame Warning
Dating back from 1995, This one alleges that NutraSweet causes just about every malady known to humankind. Scientists balk. I was informed by a knowledgeable source (who researched this) that there is some credibility to this one. Research it at your leisure but don't send me your results as I only use pure, bleached out sugar, in my coffee. Here is a link to an article written about the dangers of Asparatame, read and form your own opinion. {Rumor}

Abduction Alert for Andrew Russell Steinmetz
Evidently there was a kidnapping, then there was a recovery and a court case. It's long over with! {Junk}

Tommy Hilfiger Racist Remarks?
Calls for a boycott on all Tommy Hilfiger gear because he supposedly said something to the effect that if he had known Blacks and Asians were going to wear his clothing he wouldn't have made them so nice. He allegedly made this comment with more degrading ethnic terminology on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I ask you, Given that Oprah is the richest woman alive, do you think that would have escaped media coverage. {Rumor}

Mall Abduction Scam report by Inside Edition
This "warning to women" claims that elaborate scams are being used by abductors to lure female shoppers out of malls and into waiting vans. I saw this episode, they demonstrated how easy it was to lure someone into the parking lot. I don't recall them saying this ever actually took place. {Rumor}

Another Close Call at the Mall
A murderous, well-dressed "good samaritan" supposedly lurks in the parking lots of shopping malls just about everywhere. Just so you people don't get surprised let me go on record as saying, that just about anything can happen to you, by just about anyone, in just about anyplace. Let me reiterate, It's a bad bad world. Don't be a victim!  {Urban Legend}

Soda Pop Cans tainted with Deadly Rat Urine
Several versions of this warning state that there are rats in the storage warehouses. This may be an urban legend but it's a good idea to wash anything you buy that is prepackaged. If you feel the need to warn someone you know, call them! Don't waste the internet to tell someone something they should have learned in health class.  {Urban Legend}

Cockroach Egg Tacos at Taco Bell
A fast-food horror story, as told in six different locations around  the U.S. Cockroach Eggs in Chicken Soft Taco, beware!! There is even mention of a phony lawsuit and an nonexistent article in the N.Y. Times. All the classic signs of a Ruse. When I was a child it was widely/falsely reported that Wendy's burgers had worms in them, The same went for the pizza served in the cafeteria at school. at least I hope it was false. I never could eat that pizza after that.  {Urban Legend}

Flashing Headlights provokes Gang Initiation Violence
I remember hearing this tale long before I ever came on line. Scores of  'gang member hopefuls' drive around with their lights off waiting for some good samaritan (Mr. Rogers) to flash their lights at them. At that point the would be gangsters open fire on them. The tale hails from around 1990, though I have never heard of a substantiating news story. {Urban Legend}

Save PBS / NPR / NEA Petition
I believe this one stated that the government was cutting or canceling the funding for public broadcast stations. I believe it wanted you to contact a senator/congress person, don't do that. One of them is simply a petition that has been mailed around and around for the last 5 years. It was written in 1995 by some well meaning students and has gotten out of hand. read about it on the University of Northern Colorado's home page,  {Junk}

Blue Star Tattoo's tainted with LSD
Another panic alert states that there might be some danger of colorful cartoon stickers/kiddy tattoos, being laced with LSD. Parents be warned. Yet again not substantiated.  {Urban Legend}

(90#) Telephone Line Repair Scam
Several slightly different copies of this one are currently circulating through the cyber lanes. I understand that this scam is real however it is reported to have only been used on business. {Rumor}

Virus Alert subject; 'Win a Holiday'
Much like the 'Join the Crew' alert, the 'Win a Holiday' virus warning is a Hoax. Here is a tip if the warning states that by opening an email, to read it, will wipe out your hard drive, then the alert is most likely a Hoax. Don't pass it on. If it wasn't on the news, It probably isn't true.  {Hoax}

Black Voting Rights Nearing Expiration
This one cropped up some two years ago, claiming that Back voting rights will expire are set to expire in the year 2007. CNN even covered this rumor which you yourself can read. Here is the rumor and CNN's report. If this scares you then send the link, not the message, it isn't as large a file to transfer. {Rumor}

Traffickers use Children's Corpses To Smuggle Drugs
You know I have heard this one and I think I even saw a show on odd ways drug traffickers use to get drugs into this country. My question is, Who cares. What earthly good could come of circulating this message through e-mail. For Pete's sake if people wanted to know this crap they'd buy the Enquirer. Get a life! {Urban Legend}

The A.I.D.S. Virus Warning
Yet another Virus that claims to be able to destroy your computer just by opening the e-mail. This is not possible unless you download and open an attachment or an EXE. If you get a warning that claims that by opening an email you may inadvertently do harm to your P.C., Don't believe it. Please research any Virus alert before forwarding.  {Hoax}

Warning on 'Bud Frogs Screen Saver'
Once again, another false warning of danger to your P.C. This one has been around and back again. About the same time as this one you may have seen other false virus warnings, such as the Join the Crew, Undeliverable Mail, or the Pen Pal Greetings. All of which are/were phony e-mails. {Hoax}

Savings Bond Giveaway by Gerber
This one made its rounds through the E-mail claiming (falsely) that a class action lawsuit was forcing Gerber Products to make restitution to Americans by way of $500 savings bonds. It urged you to claim your piece of the action. {Rumor}

Need some extra $$$ for the summer?
Forwarding this e-mail could make you millions. This one claimed to be funded by National Banks everywhere, yet did not specify which National Banks. It claimed to be a way to teach kids how to handle money, rather it taught them how to annoy all their friends. Don't be fooled by this one.  {Hoax}

The Febreze Deodorizer Scare
Another hysteric warning which warns that Febreze (the fabric deodorizer ) is toxic to pets. Who knows if there might be some validity to this one. Given the right tests anyone could say that anything chemically produced might be harmful to household pets. I still don't think it should be backing up my e-mail traffic. {Rumor}

The Merger of AOL / Netscape
This one announced the merger which did in fact happen, and for some reason offered money for each person you sent it to. I believe the amount was like $5.00, how ridiculous. Beware of geeks baring gifts. {Hoax}

Did you have any idea that there were so many trash E-mails going around. Believe it when I say there are many more than just these. We will be posting more as we get them, but our main concern is that everyone familiarize themselves with these to insure that you don't inadvertently get duped into keeping one of these in circulation. When someone sends you something questionable, please, direct them to this page. Even if it is not here they might think twice next time, and not bother you with it. Yell at them, It helps.
Now why are you still here? Why don't you go read a joke or two, there are bound to be a bunch that you haven't heard before. Go on! Git! Clear on outta here, why don'tcha?

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