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Welcome to the Jokes Headquarters Of Oddballz Ink. Unlimited. This place is jam packed with jokes, humor, funny poetry, funny stories, and all other manner of fun things to do. Go ahead and check it all out. You just never know what might be on the next page.

We, three sages of the Odd Ball Collective , constantly strive to bring you the best in entertainment, for that reason these pages will be dedicated to all things that we deem to be Humorous and/or Fun.

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Here's What's New And Things To Do

Updated the Daily Joke Page in the Jokes section. 
Just changed the random fun link. Scroll down.
Added a couple new Jack Handy's type things to the I FIGURE PAGE 
Updated the Daily Cartoons page over on AllFunPix.Com
Just added a few new pieces to the
GenLet Funny Snatches page. 

Added a new
funny poem called The Floater to the Funny Poetry Page

Added to the
Save The Camel Toe Page 

Added a few to contributors part of the 
Funny Band Names Page 

Added a new
funny poem called Blueberry Blintzes to the Funny Poetry Page. 

There is lots of new stuff over on if ya likes art. 
Added a list of must see Irish films to the
St Patricks Day Funny Video Links Page 

Added the St. Patty's
Dress Your Pet Section 

Added a
Funny Story to the Funny Stories Section 

Just built the
St. Patrick's Day Humor section For thine amusements. 

Added more
Memes to the Valentines Day Funny Page.  

Added a new Funny Story to the
Short Story Section 

Revamped the
Valentine Day Funny Links Page and added new Vids. 

Revamped the
Funny Poetry Section Adding two lost poems (Kudo and Palp

Added more
Memes to the Valentines Day Humor Page. 

Added a new
Funny Story to the Short Stories Section. 

Christmas Humor Page has been fully redesigned and updated. 

Funny Pictures Page to 

Added the
Thanksgiving Funny Videos Links to the Happy ThanksGiving Page 

Funny Pictures Page to 

Added a
Movie and Book Review to Short Stories Section 

Added the
Alien Face Basher's Movie page to Halloween Humor Section 

Added to Bad Chat Room
Pick Up Lines 

Just added to the

Yes folks it's true, we are returning to more regular site updates.
Keep checking back often to see what else we have added.

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Created by Fabian Rush, (C) 2011 - 201

Quick Joke Of The Day

Kudos For Mitch:

Your site just kicked my ass. I was using my laptop on the turlet and nearly fell off laughin'. In fact, that Mitch's page cleared up a clogged bowl (Does he mean the turlet bowl, or a clogged bowel?) that's been ailin' me for a week. God bless the Naptown Nomads.  -- Sincerely, Snidley Over cup

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Here is a place where we shall make note of funny things seen on THE INTERNETS. Sometimes people change the content of a page when it becomes popular. Be warned that this link is clickable at your discretion.

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